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"Evan Dara's first two novels were dazzling tapestries. Flee is half the length but no less ambitious - an excellent addition to his already impressive oeuvre. [Dara is] one of the most exciting American novelists writing today."

—The Times Literary Supplement

The Easy Chain

"It's good to know that writers like Dara exist, capable of bravely carrying the flame... [with this] very intricately crafted and grandly conceived novel."

—The Review of Contemporary Fiction

"One of the best novels of the decade... The magic of his writing and what he accomplishes through it is...manifested in how mesmerizing, hypnotic and just plain readable Evan Dara is."

—The Quarterly Conversation

"If there is any literary justice [The Easy Chain] will appear sometime around 2050 in a New York Review of Books Classics edition with a forward by the aging Dave Eggers... Dara's novels are astonishing – challenging, funny, groundbreaking, stylish, brave. They are big contemporary novels where ambition and execution are both huge and come together perfectly."

—Conversational Reading

"This masterpiece left us drooling for days on end. We couldn't put it down."

—Lowdown Magazine (Germany/UK)

"Recalls David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest: both books offer a jigsaw puzzle of different styles, and construct a remarkably clever and complex plot."

—Stephen J. Burn, American Book Review

"Just brilliant...a testament to [Dara's] incredible skill... Dara is the best-kept secret in all of contemporary American literature. For all their formal innovation, Dara's novels are both exceptionally funny and surprisingly warm and human. Anyone who reads either book will discover perhaps the most interesting author writing in English today."

—Triple R Radio (Melbourne, Australia)

"Uncommon and outstanding. As surely as there will always be an avant-garde, Dara will be there and whatever new guard emerges, they will be sure to have read his books."

—The Front Table

The Lost Scrapbook

"This first novel suggests the ambitious debuts of Joseph McElroy (A Smuggler's Bible) and Thomas Pynchon (V.), but author Evan Dara pushes the bar back upward to the height of William Gaddis' The Recognitions... It takes some work to look back at The Lost Scrapbook and say, 'Aha, so that's how all those parts fit together,' and then "Aaah,' which signifies satisfaction or, with a different spelling, awe."

—The Washington Post

"Monumental, cunning, and unforgiving... Dara shows how a novel can be experimental, yet moral, rule-breaking but emotional, and post-humanist while remaining deeply human. A vast accomplishment."

—Richard Powers

"Evan Dara's magnificent novel [is crafted] as if James Joyce had widened the narrative ear of Ulysses... If this really is Mr. Dara's first novel, then he is either a young phenom or a well-practiced, reclusive treasure."

—Chelsea Review

"An encyclopedic masterpiece that invites comparisons to the big books of postmodernism."

—American Book Review

"Powerful, hysterically funny, and evocative... Stretches the boundaries of what novels can be and mean."

—The Los Angeles Reader

"A radiant, innovative work filled with engaging characters."

—Time Out New York

"The most formidable political novel of the 1990s."

—Jeremy Green, Late Postmodernism: American Fiction at the Millennium

"Dazzling...encyclopedic...a poignant meditation on isolation and community...encompassing the voices of America in a spirit of Whitmanesque accumulation that is brilliantly innovative and compassionate."

—Rain Taxi

"The most pure fiction I've ever read... The books behind the hot books exist, and if you give them chance enough, they scorch you. While fiction suffers elsewhere, Dara revolutionizes it."


"A towering piece of American literature and one of the best three novels of the nineties."

—The Fictional Woods

"An extremely impressive work, Dara's epic deserves wider exposure"

—The Modern Word

"Some have called this the best American novel of the 1990s... Anyone with even a passing interest in the contemporary novel needs to read this book, which is truly a lost classic. This is a great book that deserves a wider readership."

—Known Unknowns

"A dazzling novel. Dara is just a boon companion, whose startling technical brilliance never impedes the whitewater rush of this hilarious and original narrative. A mind-blowingly fun book."

—Popula Culture

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