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The Easy Chain

The second novel by Evan Dara

6" x 9"

—So what's the book about?
—It about this British guy who goes to The University of Chicago—?
—Nah. And it really isn't about his getting this, like, social illness—
—The one where... Come on: it's impossible to become allergic to lying—
—Exactly - the book isn't about that at all...


“One of the best novels of the decade... The magic of his writing and what he accomplishes through it is...manifested in how mesmerizing, hypnotic and just plain readable Evan Dara is.”—The Quarterly Conversation

“This masterpiece left us drooling for days on end. We couldn't put it down.”—Lowdown Magazine (Germany)

Reviews from Spain:

“A ruthless portrait of the business world, an expression of melancholy for lost family connections, an essay on all the ways we falsify personal success, plus a reflection on epistemology, truth, lies and our world's last moments of authenticity... Evan Dara's art is a confirmation of everything good in the postmodern novel.”—Détour

“An artistic delight for exquisite palates... without a doubt, one of the most fascinating novels that you'll read in many years. And this, I swear to you, is no lie.”—Libros Y Literatura

“A novel that aspires to show the shortcomings and contradictions of an entire era... delving into the subtle forms of prostitution we subject ourselves to without being aware of it... and the effects this has on our relationships, with others and with ourselves... If [Dara's] first novel, The Lost Scrapbook, was equal in ambition to Pynchon's V., and equal in quality to William Gaddis, here Dara raises the ante (and the bar) still higher.”—Jot Down

“A literary feat of the highest level and one of the best novels so far this century.”—Alta Fidelidad

“A bomb of unstoppable, inexhaustible energy... so brilliant that you have to put it aside, go back and reread, all while laughing at or being devastated by [its] perfect satire or parody of the society we have built for ourselves.”—Kansas Books

“Brilliant... a reference work for novels to come.”—Ciento Un Libros

“One of the milestones of the 21st Century novel... [It] dazzles by the incessant cascade of its innovative stylistic proposals... amazing and brilliant... Yes, The Easy Chain is demanding, but it is not inaccessible.”—Diario16

“[Dara's novels] are two very steep mountains. Entailing risks. And to reach their summits you have to cross labyrinthine gorges. But if you do, you'll discover that the final landscape they reserve for you, like the path you traveled to reach them, is immeasurable.”—Diario de Sevilla

(Hey, they said it.)

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